1. Any of various cacti of the genera Nopalea or Opuntia, including the prickly pear and similar species.
2. A Authentic Mexican Restaurant located in Lincoln Square, Chicago IL.



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Stuart Ferst{Retired Social Services Executive}
"Stuart says it was a step above other Mexican restaurants."
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Chicago Magizane

Cloaked with melted Chihuahua cheese, this duo of cornmeal-based cuties look like mini pizzas, but taste strictly south-of-the-border. From a handful of toppings, zero in on rajas con queso, a generous spread of roasted poblano peppers, and gobs of cheese all layered atop squat, thick disks of masa with a thin wash of frijoles. Rich, filling, and a lush alternative to the usual taco/tostada circuit.
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ABC7 Chicago's Hungry Hound

Mexican joints are a dime a dozen in the city, but few are as ambitious as Los Nopales, which is easy to miss on a busy stretch of Western Avenue. Consider the restaurant's namesake, cactus, which is extremely versatile.
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Video Podcast

Chicago Reader

The grilled tilapia tacos at this low-key, attractive space are so good, so bright and fresh, that at these prices--$5.95 for three tacos, rice, and beans--it seems like you're stealing. Tangy ceviche with tilapia and shrimp has a splash of orange juice, which adds an appealing sweet aftertaste; tortilla chips are made in-house and come served with two salsas, one made of tomatillos blended with avocado, making it creamier than the standard green sauce, the other a thick, spicy combination of chile de arbol and fruit.
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You'll find the namesake nopales (cactus paddle) in dishes like the cactus, avocado and jicama salad and a sope with cactus, house-made fresh cheese and beans.
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